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Salmos 49

1 The title of the nyne and fourtithe salm. The salm of Asaph. God, the Lord of goddis, spak; and clepide the erthe,

2 fro the risynge of the sunne til to the goyng doun. The schap of his fairnesse fro Syon,

3 God schal come opynli; oure God, and he schal not be stille. Fier schal brenne an hiye in his siyt; and a strong tempest in his cumpas.

4 He clepide heuene aboue; and the erthe, to deme his puple.

5 Gadere ye to hym hise seyntis; that ordeynen his testament aboue sacrifices.

6 `And heuenes schulen schewe his riytfulnesse; for God is the iuge.

7 Mi puple, here thou, and Y schal speke to Israel; and Y schal witnesse to thee, Y am God, thi God.

8 I schal not repreue thee in thi sacrifices; and thi brent sacrifices ben euere bifor me.

9 I schal not take calues of thin hows; nethir geet buckis of thi flockis.

10 For alle the wyelde beestis of wodis ben myne; werk beestis, and oxis in hillis.

11 I haue knowe alle the volatils of heuene; and the fairnesse of the feeld is with me.

12 If Y schal be hungry, Y schal not seie to thee; for the world and the fulnesse therof is myn.

13 Whether Y schal eete the fleischis of boolis? ethir schal Y drynke the blood of geet buckis?

14 Offre thou to God the sacrifice of heriyng; and yelde thin avowis to the hiyeste God.

15 And inwardli clepe thou me in the dai of tribulacioun; and Y schal delyuere thee, and thou schalt onoure me.

16 But God seide to the synnere, Whi tellist thou out my riytfulnessis; and takist my testament bi thi mouth?

17 Sotheli thou hatidist lore; and hast cast awey my wordis bihynde.

18 If thou siyest a theef, thou `hast runne with hym; and thou settidist thi part with avowtreris.

19 Thi mouth was plenteuouse of malice; and thi tunge medlide togidere giles.

20 Thou sittynge spakist ayens thi brother, and thou settidist sclaundir ayens the sone of thi modir;

21 thou didist these thingis, and Y was stille. Thou gessidist wickidli, that Y schal be lijk thee; Y schal repreue thee, and Y schal sette ayens thi face.

22 Ye that foryeten God, vndurstonde these thingis; lest sum tyme he rauysche, and noon be that schal delyuere.

23 The sacrifice of heriyng schal onoure me; and there is the weie, where ynne Y schal schewe to hym the helthe of God.

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