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Salmos 5

1 The title of the fyuethe salm. To the ouercomere on the eritagis, the song of Dauid.

2 Lord, perseyue thou my wordis with eeris; vndurstonde thou my cry.

3 Mi kyng, and my God; yyue thou tent to the vois of my preier.

4 For, Lord, Y schal preie to thee; here thou eerly my vois.

5 Eerli Y schal stonde nyy thee, and Y schal se; for thou art God not willynge wickidnesse.

6 Nethir an yuel willid man schal dwelle bisidis thee; nethir vniust men schulen dwelle bifor thin iyen.

7 Thou hatist alle that worchen wickidnesse; thou schalt leese alle that speken leesyng. The Lord schal holde abhomynable a manquellere, and gileful man.

8 But, Lord, in the multitude of thi merci Y schal entre in to thin hows; Y schal worschipe to thin hooli temple in thi drede.

9 Lord, lede thou forth me in thi riytfulnesse for myn enemyes; dresse thou my weie in thi siyt.

10 For whi treuthe is not in her mouth; her herte is veyn.

11 Her throte is an opyn sepulcre, thei diden gilefuli with her tungis; God, deme thou hem. Falle thei doun fro her thouytis, vp the multitude of her wickidnessis caste thou hem doun; for, Lord, thei han terrid thee to ire. And alle that hopen in thee, be glad; thei schulen make fulli ioye with outen ende, and thou schalt dwelle in hem.

12 And alle that louen thi name schulen haue glorie in thee;

13 for thou schalt blesse a iust man. Lord, thou hast corouned vs, as with the scheeld of thi good wille.

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