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Salmos 52

1 The title of the two and fiftithe salm. To the ouercomer bi the quere, the lernyng of Dauid. The vnwise man seide in his herte; God is not.

2 Thei ben `corrupt, and maad abhomynable in her wickidnessis; noon is that doith good.

3 God bihelde fro heuene on the sones of men; that he se, if `ony is vndurstondynge, ether sekynge God.

4 Alle boweden awei, thei ben maad vnprofitable togidre; noon is that doith good, ther is not til to oon.

5 Whether alle men, that worchen wickidnesse, schulen not wite; whiche deuouren my puple as the mete of breed?

6 Thei clepiden not God; there thei trembliden for drede, where no drede was. For God hath scaterid the boones of hem, that plesen men; thei ben schent, for God hath forsake hem.

7 Who schal yyue fro Syon helthe to Israel? whanne the Lord hath turned the caitifte of his puple, Jacob schal `ful out make ioie, and Israel schal be glad.

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