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Salmos 53

1 The title of the thre and fiftithe salm. To victorie in orguns, ether in salmes, the lernyng of Dauid,

2 `whanne Zyfeys camen, and seiden to Saul, Whethir Dauid is not hid at vs?

3 God, in thi name make thou me saaf; and in thi vertu deme thou me.

4 God, here thou my preier; with eeris perseyue thou the wordis of my mouth.

5 For aliens han rise ayens me, and stronge men souyten my lijf; and thei settiden not God bifor her siyt.

6 For, lo! God helpith me; and the Lord is vptaker of my soule.

7 Turne thou awei yuelis to myn enemyes; and leese thou hem in thi treuthe.

8 Wilfuli Y schal make sacrifice to thee; and, Lord, Y schal knouleche to thi name, for it is good.

9 For thou delyueridist me fro al tribulacioun; and myn iye dispiside on myn enemyes.

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