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Salmos 54

1 The title of the foure and fiftithe salm. `In Ebreu thus, To victorie in orguns, the lernyng of Dauid. `In Jeroms translacioun thus, To the ouercomer in salmes of Dauid lernid.

2 God, here thou my preier, and dispise thou not my biseching;

3 yyue thou tent to me, and here thou me. I am sorewful in myn exercising; and Y am disturblid of the face of the enemye,

4 and of the tribulacioun of the synner. For thei bowiden wickidnessis in to me; and in ire thei weren diseseful to me.

5 Myn herte was disturblid in me; and the drede of deth felde on me.

6 Drede and trembling camen on me; and derknessis hiliden me.

7 And Y seide, Who schal yyue to me fetheris, as of a culuer; and Y schal fle, and schal take rest?

8 Lo! Y yede fer awei, and fledde; and Y dwellide in wildirnesse.

9 I abood hym, that made me saaf fro the litilnesse, `ether drede, of spirit; and fro tempest.

10 Lord, caste thou doun, departe thou the tungis of hem; for Y siy wickidnesse and ayenseiyng in the citee.

11 Bi dai and nyyt wickidnesse schal cumpasse it on the wallis therof;

12 and trauel and vnriytfulnesse ben in the myddis therof. And vsure and gile failide not; fro the stretis therof.

13 For if myn enemye hadde cursid me; sotheli Y hadde suffride. And if he, that hatide me, hadde spoke greet thingis on me; in hap Y hadde hid me fro hym.

14 But thou art a man of o wille; my leeder, and my knowun.

15 Which tokist togidere swete meetis with me; we yeden with consent in the hous of God.

16 Deth come on hem; and go thei doun quyk in to helle. For weiwardnessis ben in the dwelling places of hem; in the myddis of hem.

17 But Y criede to thee, Lord; and the Lord sauede me.

18 In the euentid and morewtid and in myddai Y schal telle, and schewe; and he schal here my vois.

19 He schal ayenbie my soule in pees fro hem, that neiyen to me; for among manye thei weren with me.

20 God schal here; and he that is bifore the worldis schal make hem low. For chaungyng is not to hem, and thei dredden not God;

21 he holdith forth his hoond in yelding. Thei defouliden his testament,

22 the cheris therof weren departid fro ire; and his herte neiyede. The wordis therof weren softer than oyle; and tho ben dartis.

23 Caste thi cure on the Lord, and he schal fulli nurische thee; and he schal not yyue with outen ende flotering to a iust man.

24 But thou, God, schalt lede hem forth; in to the pit of deth. Menquelleris and gilours schulen not haue half her daies; but, Lord, Y schal hope in thee.

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