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Salmos 55

1 The title of the fyue and fiftithe salm. `In Ebreu thus, To the ouercomyng on the doumb culuer of fer drawing awei, the comely song of Dauid, whanne Filisteis helden hym in Geth. `In Jeroms translacioun thus, To the ouercomer for the doumb culuer, for it yede awei fer. Dauid meke and symple made this salm, whanne Palesteyns helden hym in Geth.

2 God, haue thou merci on me, for a man hath defoulid me; al dai he impugnyde, and troublide me.

3 Myn enemyes defouliden me al dai; for manye fiyteris weren ayens me.

4 Of the hiynesse of dai Y schal drede; but God Y schal hope in thee.

5 In God Y schal preise my wordis; Y hopide in God, Y schal not drede what thing fleisch schal do to me.

6 Al dai thei cursiden my wordis; ayens me alle her thouytis weren in to yuel.

7 Thei schulen dwelle, and schulen hide; thei schulen aspie myn heele.

8 As thei abiden my lijf, for nouyt schalt thou make hem saaf; in ire thou schalt breke togidre puplis.

9 God, Y schewide my lijf to thee; thou hast set my teeris in thi siyt. As and in thi biheest, Lord;

10 thanne myn enemyes schulen be turned abak. In what euere dai Y schal inwardli clepe thee; lo! Y haue knowe, that thou art my God.

11 In God Y schal preise a word; in the Lord Y schal preyse a word. Y schal hope in God; Y schal not drede what thing a man schal do to me.

12 God, thin auowis ben in me; whiche Y schal yelde heriyngis to thee.

13 For thou hast delyuerid my lijf fro deth, and my feet fro slidyng; that Y pleese bifore God in the liyt of hem that lyuen.

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