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Salmos 57

1 The title of the seuene and fiftithe salm. `In Ebreu thus, To victorie; `lese thou not the swete song, ether the semely salm, of Dauid. `In Jeroms translacioun thus, To the ouercomere, that thou lese not Dauid, meke and simple.

2 Forsothe if ye speken riytfulnesse verili; ye sones of men, deme riytfuli.

3 For in herte ye worchen wickidnesse in erthe; youre hondis maken redi vnriytfulnessis.

4 Synneris weren maad aliens fro the wombe; thei erriden fro the wombe, thei spaken false thingis.

5 Woodnesse is to hem, bi the licnesse of a serpent; as of a deef snake, and stoppynge hise eeris.

6 Which schal not here the vois of charmeris; and of a venym makere charmynge wiseli.

7 God schal al to-breke the teeth of hem in her mouth; the Lord schal breke togidere the greet teeth of liouns.

8 Thei schulen come to nouyt, as water rennynge awei; he bente his bouwe, til thei ben maad sijk.

9 As wexe that fletith awei, thei schulen be takun awei; fier felle aboue, and thei siyen not the sunne.

10 Bifore that youre thornes vndurstoden the ramne; he swolewith hem so in ire, as lyuynge men.

11 The iust man schal be glad, whanne he schal se veniaunce; he schal waische hise hondis in the blood of a synner.

12 And a man schal seie treuli, For fruyt is to a iust man; treuli God is demynge hem in erthe.

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