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Salmos 59

1 The title of the nyne and fiftithe salm. `In Ebreu thus, To victorie, on the witnessyng of roose, the swete song of Dauid, to teche, `whanne he fauyte ayens Aram of floodis, and Sirie of Soba; and Joab turnede ayen, and smoot Edom in the `valei of salt pittis, twelue thousynde. `In Jeroms translacioun thus,

2 To the ouercomer for lilies, the witnessing of meke and parfit Dauid, to teche, whanne he fauyte ayens Sirie of Mesopotamye, and Soba, and so forth.

3 God, thou hast put awei vs, and thou hast distried vs; thou were wrooth, and thou hast do merci to vs.

4 Thou mouedist the erthe, and thou disturblidist it; make thou hool the sorewis therof, for it is moued.

5 Thou schewidist harde thingis to thi puple; thou yauest drynk to vs with the wyn of compunccioun.

6 Thou hast youe a signefiyng to hem that dreden thee; that thei fle fro the face of the bouwe. That thi derlyngis be delyuered;

7 make thou saaf with thi riyt hond `the puple of Israel, and here thou me.

8 God spak bi his hooli; Y schal be glad, and Y schal departe Siccimam, and Y schal meete the greet valei of tabernaclis.

9 Galaad is myn, and Manasses is myn; and Effraym is the strengthe of myn heed.

10 Juda is my king; Moab is the pot of myn hope. In to Idumee Y schal stretche forth my scho; aliens ben maad suget to me.

11 Who schal lede me in to a citee maad strong; who schal leede me til in to Ydumee?

12 Whether not thou, God, that hast put awei vs; and schalt thou not, God, go out in oure vertues?

13 Lord, yyue thou to vs help of tribulacioun; for the heelthe of man is veyn.

14 In God we schulen make vertu; and he schal bringe to nouyt hem that disturblen vs.

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