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Salmos 63

1 The titil of the thre and sixtithe salm. `In Ebrewe thus, To the victorie, the salm of Dauid. `In Jerom `thus, To the ouercomer, the song of Dauid.

2 God, here thou my preier, whanne Y biseche; delyuere thou my soule fro the drede of the enemy.

3 Thou hast defendid me fro the couent of yuele doers; fro the multitude of hem that worchen wickidnesse.

4 For thei scharpiden her tungis as a swerd, thei benten a bowe, a bittir thing;

5 for to schete in priuetees hym that is vnwemmed.

6 Sodeynli thei schulen schete hym, and thei schulen not drede; thei maden stidefast to hem silf a wickid word. Thei telden, that thei schulden hide snaris; thei seiden, Who schal se hem?

7 Thei souyten wickidnessis; thei souyten, and failiden in sekinge. A man neiyhe to deep herte;

8 and God schal be enhaunsid. The arowis of `litle men ben maad the woundis of hem;

9 and the tungis of hem ben maad sijk ayens hem. Alle men ben disturblid, that sien hem;

10 and ech man dredde. And thei telden the werkis of God; and vndurstoden the dedis of God.

11 The iust man schal be glad in the Lord, and schal hope in hym; and alle men of riytful herte schulen be preisid.

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