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Salmos 64

1 The titil of the foure and sixtithe salm. `To victorie, `the salm of the song of Dauid.

2 God, heriyng bicometh thee in Syon; and a vow schal be yolden to thee in Jerusalem.

3 Here thou my preier; ech man schal come to thee.

4 The wordis of wickid men hadden the maistrye ouer vs; and thou schalt do merci to oure wickidnessis.

5 Blessid is he, whom thou hast chose, and hast take; he schal dwelle in thin hallis. We schulen be fillid with the goodis of thin hous;

6 thi temple is hooli, wondurful in equite. God, oure heelthe, here thou vs; thou art hope of alle coostis of erthe, and in the see afer.

7 And thou makest redi hillis in thi vertu, and art gird with power;

8 which disturblist the depthe of the see, the soun of the wawis therof.

9 Folkis schulen be disturblid, and thei that dwellen in the endis schulen drede of thi signes; thou schalt delite the outgoingis of the morewtid and euentid.

10 Thou hast visitid the lond, and hast greetli fillid it; thou hast multiplied to make it riche. The flood of God was fillid with watris; thou madist redi the mete of hem, for the makyng redi therof is so.

11 Thou fillynge greetli the stremes therof, multiplie the fruytis therof; the lond bringinge forth fruytis schal be glad in goteris of it.

12 Thou schalt blesse the coroun of the yeer of thi good wille; and thi feeldis schulen be fillid with plentee of fruytis.

13 The feire thingis of desert schulen wexe fatte; and litle hillis schulen be cumpassid with ful out ioiyng.

14 The wetheris of scheep ben clothid, and valeis schulen be plenteuouse of wheete; thei schulen crye, and sotheli thei schulen seye salm.

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