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Salmos 66

1 The titil of the sixe and sixtithe salm. `In Ebreu thus, To the victorie in orguns, the salm of the song. `In Jerom `thus, To the ouercomer in salmes, the song of writing of a delitable thing with metre.

2 God haue merci on vs, and blesse vs; liytne he his cheer on vs, and haue merci on vs.

3 That we knowe thi weie on erthe; thin heelthe in alle folkis.

4 God, puplis knowleche to thee; alle puplis knouleche to thee.

5 Hethen men be glad, and make fulli ioye, for thou demest puplis in equite; and dressist hethene men in erthe.

6 God, puplis knouleche to thee, alle puplis knouleche to thee;

7 the erthe yaf his fruyt. God, oure God blesse vs, God blesse vs; and alle the coostis of erthe drede hym.

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