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Salmos 7

1 The title of the seuenthe salm. For the ignoraunce of Dauid, which he songe to the Lord on the wordis of Ethiopien, the sone of Gemyny.

2 Mi Lord God, Y haue hopid in thee; make thou me saaf fro alle that pursuen me, and delyuere thou me.

3 Lest ony tyme he as a lioun rauysche my soule; the while noon is that ayenbieth, nether that makith saaf.

4 Mi Lord God, if Y dide this thing, if wickidnesse is in myn hondis;

5 if Y `yeldide to men yeldynge to me yuels, falle Y `bi disseruyng voide fro myn enemyes;

6 myn enemy pursue my soule, and take, and defoule my lijf in erthe; and brynge my glorie in to dust.

7 Lord, rise thou vp in thin ire; and be thou reysid in the coostis of myn enemyes.

8 And, my Lord God, rise thou in the comaundement, which thou `hast comaundid; and the synagoge of puplis schal cumpasse thee.

9 And for this go thou ayen an hiy; the Lord demeth puplis. Lord, deme thou me bi my riytfulnesse; and bi myn innocence on me.

10 The wickidnesse of synneris be endid; and thou, God, sekyng the hertis and reynes, schalt dresse a iust man.

11 Mi iust help is of the Lord; that makith saaf riytful men in herte.

12 The Lord is a iust iuge, stronge and pacient; whether he is wrooth bi alle daies?

13 If ye ben `not conuertid, he schal florische his swerd; he hath bent his bouwe, and made it redi.

14 And therynne he hath maad redi the vessels of deth; he hath fulli maad his arewis with brennynge thingis.

15 Lo! he conseyuede sorewe; he peynfuli brouyte forth vnriytfulnesse, and childide wickidnesse.

16 He openide a lake, and diggide it out; and he felde in to the dich which he made.

17 His sorewe schal be turned in to his heed; and his wickidnesse schal come doun in to his necke.

18 I schal knouleche to the Lord bi his riytfulnesse; and Y schal synge to the name of the hiyeste Lord.

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