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Salmos 71

1 The title of the oon and seuentithe salm. `To Salomon.

2 God, yyue thi doom to the king; and thi riytfulnesse to the sone of a king. To deme thi puple in riytfulnesse; and thi pore men in doom.

3 Mounteyns resseyue pees to the puple; and litle hillis resseyue riytfulnesse.

4 He schal deme the pore men of the puple, and he schal make saaf the sones of pore men; and he schal make low the false chalengere.

5 And he schal dwelle with the sunne, and bifore the moone; in generacioun and in to generacioun.

6 He schal come doun as reyn in to a flees; and as goteris droppinge on the erthe.

7 Riytfulnesse schal come forth in hise dayes, and the aboundaunce of pees; til the moone be takun awei.

8 And he schal be lord fro the-see `til to the see; and fro the flood til to the endis of the world.

9 Ethiopiens schulen falle doun bifore hym; and hise enemyes schulen licke the erthe.

10 The kyngis of Tarsis and ilis schulen offre yiftis; the kyngis of Arabie and of Saba schulen brynge yiftis.

11 And alle kyngis schulen worschipe hym; alle folkis schulen serue hym.

12 For he schal delyuer a pore man fro the miyti; and a pore man to whom was noon helpere.

13 He schal spare a pore man and nedi; and he schal make saaf the soulis of pore men.

14 He schal ayen bie the soulis of hem fro vsuris, and wickidnesse; and the name of hem is onourable bifor hym.

15 And he schal lyue, and me schal yyue to hym of the gold of Arabie; and thei schulen euere worschipe of hym, al dai thei schulen blesse hym.

16 Stidefastnesse schal be in the erthe, in the hiyeste places of mounteyns; the fruyt therof schal be enhaunsid aboue the Liban; and thei schulen blosme fro the citee, as the hey of erthe doith.

17 His name be blessid in to worldis; his name dwelle bifore the sunne. And all the lynagis of erthe schulen be blessid in hym; alle folkis schulen magnyfie hym.

18 Blessid be the Lord God of Israel; which aloone makith merueiylis.

19 Blessid be the name of his maieste with outen ende; and al erthe schal be fillid with his maieste; be it doon, be it doon.

20 `The preieris of Dauid, the sone of Ysay, ben endid.

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