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Salmos 73

1 The title of the thre and seuentithe salm. The lernyng of Asaph. God, whi hast thou put awei in to the ende; thi strong veniaunce is wrooth on the scheep of thi leesewe?

2 Be thou myndeful of thi gadering togidere; which thou haddist in possessioun fro the bigynnyng. Thou ayenbouytist the yerde of thin eritage; the hille of Syon in which thou dwellidist ther ynne.

3 Reise thin hondis in to the prides of hem; hou grete thingis the enemy dide wickidli in the hooli.

4 And thei that hatiden thee; hadden glorie in the myddis of thi solempnete.

5 Thei settiden her signes, `ethir baneris, signes on the hiyeste, as in the outgoing; and thei knewen not.

6 As in a wode of trees thei heweden doun with axis the yatis therof in to it silf; thei castiden doun it with an ax, and a brood fallinge ax.

7 Thei brenten with fier thi seyntuarie; thei defouliden the tabernacle of thi name in erthe.

8 The kynrede of hem seiden togidere in her herte; Make we alle the feest daies of God to ceesse fro the erthe.

9 We han not seyn oure signes, now `no profete is; and he schal no more knowe vs.

10 God, hou long schal the enemye seie dispit? the aduersarie territh to ire thi name in to the ende.

11 Whi turnest thou awei thin hoond, and `to drawe out thi riythond fro the myddis of thi bosum, til in to the ende?

12 Forsothe God oure kyng bifore worldis; wrouyte heelthe in the mydis of erthe.

13 Thou madist sad the see bi thi vertu; thou hast troblid the heedis of dragouns in watris.

14 Thou hast broke the heedis of `the dragoun; thou hast youe hym to mete to the puplis of Ethiopiens.

15 Thou hast broke wellis, and strondis; thou madist drie the flodis of Ethan.

16 The dai is thin, and the niyt is thin; thou madist the moreutid and the sunne.

17 Thou madist alle the endis of erthe; somer and veer tyme, thou fourmedist tho.

18 Be thou myndeful of this thing, the enemye hath seid schenschip to the Lord; and the vnwijs puple hath excitid to ire thi name.

19 Bitake thou not to beestis men knoulechenge to thee; and foryete thou not in to the ende the soulis of thi pore men.

20 Biholde in to thi testament; for thei that ben maad derk of erthe, ben fillid with the housis of wickidnessis.

21 A meke man be not turned awei maad aschamed; a pore man and nedi schulen herie thi name.

22 God, rise vp, deme thou thi cause; be thou myndeful of thin vpbreidyngis, of tho that ben al dai of the vnwise man.

23 Foryete thou not the voices of thin enemyes; the pride of hem that haten thee, stieth euere.

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