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Salmos 74

1 The title of the foure and seuentithe salm. `To the ouercomere; leese thou not the salm of the song of Asaph.

2 God, we schulen knouleche to thee, `we schulen knouleche; and we schulen inwardli clepe thi name.

3 We schulen telle thi merueilis; whanne Y schal take tyme, Y schal deme riytfulnesses.

4 The erthe is meltid, and alle that duellen ther ynne; Y confermede the pileris therof.

5 I seide to wickid men, Nyle ye do wickidli; and to trespassouris, Nyle ye enhaunce the horn.

6 Nyle ye reise an hiy youre horn; nyle ye speke wickidnesse ayens God.

7 For nether fro the eest, nethir fro the west, nethir fro desert hillis; for God is the iuge.

8 He mekith this man, and enhaunsith hym; for a cuppe of cleene wyn ful of meddling is in the hoond of the Lord.

9 And he bowide of this in to that; netheles the drast therof is not anyntischid; alle synneris of erthe schulen drinke therof.

10 Forsothe Y schal telle in to the world; Y schal synge to God of Jacob.

11 And Y schal breke alle the hornes of synneris; and the hornes of the iust man schulen be enhaunsid.

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