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Salmos 75

1 The title of the fyue and seuentithe salm. To the victorie in orguns, `the salm of the song of Asaph.

2 God is knowun in Judee; his name is greet in Israel.

3 And his place is maad in pees; and his dwellyng is in Syon.

4 Ther he brak poweris; bowe, scheeld, swerd, and batel.

5 And thou, God, liytnest wondirfuli fro euerlastynge hillis;

6 alle vnwise men of herte weren troblid. Thei slepten her sleep; and alle men founden no thing of richessis in her hondis.

7 Thei that stieden on horsis; slepten for thi blamyng, thou God of Jacob.

8 Thou art feerful, and who schal ayenstonde thee? fro that tyme thin ire.

9 Fro heuene thou madist doom herd; the erthe tremblide, and restide.

10 Whanne God roos vp in to doom; to make saaf al the mylde men of erthe.

11 For the thouyt of man schal knouleche to thee; and the relifs of thouyt schulen make a feeste dai to thee.

12 Make ye a vow, and yelde ye to youre Lord God; alle that bringen yiftis in the cumpas of it.

13 To God ferdful, and to him that takith awei the spirit of prynces; to the ferdful at the kyngis of erthe.

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