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Salmos 78

1 The `title of the eiyte and seuentithe salm. Of Asaph. God, hethene men cam in to thin eritage; thei defouliden thin hooli temple, thei settiden Jerusalem in to the keping of applis.

2 Thei settiden the slayn bodies of thi seruauntis, meetis to the volatilis of heuenes; the fleischis of thi seyntis to the beestis of the erthe.

3 Thei schedden out the blood of hem, as watir in the cumpas of Jerusalem; and noon was that biriede.

4 We ben maad schenschipe to oure neiyboris; mowynge and scornynge to hem, that ben in oure cumpas.

5 Lord, hou longe schalt thou be wrooth in to the ende? schal thi veniaunce be kyndelid as fier?

6 Schede out thin ire in to hethene men, that knowen not thee; and in to rewmes, that clepiden not thi name.

7 For thei eeten Jacob; and maden desolat his place.

8 Haue thou not mynde on oure elde wickidnesses; thi mercies bifore take vs soone, for we ben maad pore greetli.

9 God, oure heelthe, helpe thou vs, and, Lord, for the glorie of thi name delyuer thou vs; and be thou merciful to oure synnes for thi name.

10 Lest perauenture thei seie among hethene men, Where is the God of hem? and be he knowun among naciouns bifore oure iyen. The veniaunce of the blood of thi seruauntis, which is sched out; the weilyng of feterid men entre in thi siyt.

11 Vpe the greetnesse of thin arm; welde thou the sones of slayn men.

12 And yelde thou to oure neiyboris seuenfoold in the bosum of hem; the schenschip of hem, which thei diden schenschipfuli to thee, thou Lord.

13 But we that ben thi puple, and the scheep of thi leesewe; schulen knouleche to thee in to the world. In generacioun and in to generacioun; we schulen telle thin heriyng.

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