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Salmos 80

1 The title of the eiytetithe salm. To the ouercomer in the pressours of Asaph.

2 Make ye fulli ioye to God, oure helpere; synge ye hertli to God of Jacob.

3 Take ye a salm, and yyue ye a tympan; a myrie sautere with an harpe.

4 Blowe ye with a trumpe in Neomenye; in the noble dai of youre solempnite.

5 For whi comaundement is in Israel; and doom is to God of Jacob.

6 He settide that witnessing in Joseph; whanne he yede out of the lond of Egipt, he herde a langage, which he knew not.

7 He turnede a wei his bak fro birthens; hise hondis serueden in a coffyn.

8 In tribulacioun thou inwardli clepidist me, and Y delyuerede thee; Y herde thee in the hid place of tempest, Y preuede thee at the water of ayenseiyng.

9 My puple, here thou, and Y schal be witnesse ayens thee;

10 Israel, if thou herist me, a fresche God schal not be in thee, and thou schalt not worschipe an alien god.

11 For Y am thi Lord God, that ladde thee out of the lond of Egipt; make large thi mouth, and Y schal fille it.

12 And my puple herde not my vois; and Israel yaue not tente to me.

13 And Y lefte hem aftir the desiris of her herte; thei schulen go in her fyndyngis.

14 If my puple hadde herde me; if Israel hadde go in my weies.

15 For nouyt in hap Y hadde maad low her enemyes; and Y hadde send myn hond on men doynge tribulacioun to hem.

16 The enemyes of the Lord lieden to hym; and her tyme schal be in to worldis.

17 And he fedde hem of the fatnesse of whete; and he fillide hem with hony of the stoon.

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