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Salmos 81

1 The title of the oon and eiytetithe salm. Of Asaph. God stood in the synagoge of goddis; forsothe he demeth goddis in the myddil.

2 Hou longe demen ye wickidnesse; and taken the faces of synneris?

3 Deme ye to the nedi man, and to the modirles child; iustifie ye the meke man and pore.

4 Raueische ye out a pore man; and delyuere ye the nedi man fro the hond of the synner.

5 Thei knewen not, nether vndirstoden, thei goen in derknessis; alle the foundementis of erthe schulen be moued.

6 I seide, Ye ben goddis; and alle ye ben the sones of hiy God.

7 But ye schulen die as men; and ye schulen falle doun as oon of the princis.

8 Ryse, thou God, deme thou the erthe; for thou schalt haue eritage in alle folkis.

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