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Salmos 83

1 The title of the thre and eiytetithe salm. The salm of the sones of Chore.

2 Lord of vertues, thi tabernaclis ben greetli loued;

3 my soule coueitith, and failith in to the porchis of the Lord. Myn herte and my fleische; ful out ioyeden in to quyk God.

4 For whi a sparewe fyndith an hous to it silf; and a turtle fyndith a neste to it silf, where it `schal kepe hise bryddis. Lord of vertues, thin auteris; my king, and my God.

5 Lord, blessid ben thei that dwellen in thin hous; thei schulen preise thee in to the worldis of worldis.

6 Blessid is the man, whos help is of thee; he hath disposid stiyngis in his herte,

7 in the valei of teeris, in the place which he hath set.

8 For the yyuer of the lawe schal yyue blessyng, thei schulen go fro vertu in to vertu; God of goddis schal be seyn in Sion.

9 Lord God of vertues, here thou my preier; God of Jacob, perseyue thou with eeris.

10 God, oure defender, biholde thou; and biholde in to the face of thi crist.

11 For whi o dai in thin hallis is bettere; than a thousynde. I chees to be `an out cast in the hous of my God; more than to dwelle in the tabernaclis of synneris.

12 For God loueth merci and treuthe; the Lord schal yyue grace and glorie.

13 He schal not depriue hem fro goodis, that gon in innocence; Lord of vertues, blessid is the man, that hopith in thee.

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