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Salmos 84

1 The title of the foure and eiytetithe salm. Of the sones of Chore.

2 Lord, thou hast blessid thi lond; thou hast turned awei the caitifte of Jacob.

3 Thou hast foryoue the wickidnesse of thi puple; thou hast hilid alle the synnes of hem.

4 Thou hast aswagid al thin ire; thou hast turned awei fro the ire of thin indignacioun.

5 God, oure helthe, conuerte thou vs; and turne awei thin ire fro vs.

6 Whether thou schalt be wrooth to vs withouten ende; ether schalt thou holde forth thin ire fro generacioun in to generacioun?

7 God, thou conuertid schalt quykene vs; and thi puple schal be glad in thee.

8 Lord, schewe thi merci to vs; and yyue thin helthe to vs.

9 I schal here what the Lord God schal speke in me; for he schal speke pees on his puple. And on hise hooli men; and on hem that ben turned to herte.

10 Netheles his helthe is niy men dredynge him; that glorie dwelle in oure lond.

11 Merci and treuthe metten hem silf; riytwisnesse and pees weren kissid.

12 Treuthe cam forth of erthe; and riytfulnesse bihelde fro heuene.

13 For the Lord schal yyue benignyte; and oure erthe schal yyue his fruyt.

14 Riytfulnesse schal go bifore him; and schal sette hise steppis in the weie.

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