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Salmos 89

1 The title of the nyne and eiytetithe salm. The preier of Moises, the man of God. Lord, thou art maad help to vs; fro generacioun in to generacioun.

2 Bifore that hillis weren maad, ether the erthe and the world was formed; fro the world and in to the world thou art God.

3 Turne thou not awei a man in to lownesse; and thou seidist, Ye sones of men, be conuertid.

4 For a thousynde yeer ben bifore thin iyen; as yistirdai, which is passid, and as keping in the niyt.

5 The yeeris of hem schulen be; that ben had for nouyt.

6 Eerli passe he, as an eerbe, eerli florische he, and passe; in the euentid falle he doun, be he hard, and wexe drie.

7 For we han failid in thin ire; and we ben disturblid in thi strong veniaunce.

8 Thou hast set oure wickidnessis in thi siyt; oure world in the liytning of thi cheer.

9 For alle oure daies han failid; and we han failid in thin ire. Oure yeris schulen bithenke, as an yreyn;

10 the daies of oure yeeris ben in tho seuenti yeeris. Forsothe, if fourescoor yeer ben in myyti men; and the more tyme of hem is trauel and sorewe. For myldenesse cam aboue; and we schulen be chastisid.

11 Who knew the power of thin ire; and durste noumbre thin ire for thi drede?

12 Make thi riythond so knowun; and make men lerned in herte bi wisdom.

13 Lord, be thou conuertid sumdeel; and be thou able to be preied on thi seruauntis.

14 We weren fillid eerli with thi merci; we maden ful out ioye, and we delitiden in alle oure daies.

15 We weren glad for the daies in whiche thou madist vs meke; for the yeeris in whiche we siyen yuels.

16 Lord, biholde thou into thi seruauntis, and in to thi werkis; and dresse thou the sones of hem.

17 And the schynyng of oure Lord God be on vs; and dresse thou the werkis of oure hondis on vs, and dresse thou the werk of oure hondis.

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