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Salmos 9

1 The title of the nynthe salm. In to the ende, for the pryuytees of the sone, the salm of Dauid.

2 Lord, Y schal knouleche to thee in al myn herte; Y schal telle alle thi merueils.

3 Thou hiyeste, Y schal be glad, and Y schal be fulli ioieful in thee; Y schal synge to thi name.

4 For thou turnest myn enemy abac; thei schulen be maad feble, and schulen perische fro thi face.

5 For thou hast maad my doom and my cause; thou, that demest riytfulnesse, `hast set on the trone.

6 Thou blamedist hethene men, and the wickid perischide; thou hast do awei the name of hem in to the world, and in to the world of world.

7 The swerdis of the enemy failiden in to the ende; and thou hast distried the citees of hem. The mynde of hem perischide with sown;

8 and the Lord dwellith with outen ende. He made redi his trone in doom; and he schal deme the world in equite,

9 he schal deme puplis in riytfulnesse.

10 And the Lord is maad refuyt, `ether help, `to a pore man; an helpere in couenable tymes in tribulacioun.

11 And thei, that knowen thi name, haue hope in thee; for thou, Lord, hast not forsake hem that seken thee.

12 Synge ye to the Lord, that dwellith in Syon; telle ye hise studyes among hethene men.

13 God foryetith not the cry of pore men; for he hath mynde, and sekith the blood of hem.

14 Lord, haue thou merci on me; se thou my mekenesse of myn enemyes.

15 Which enhaunsist me fro the yatis of deeth; that Y telle alle thi preisyngis in the yatis of the douyter of Syon.

16 Y schal `be fulli ioyeful in thin helthe; hethene men ben fast set in the perisching, which thei maden. In this snare, which thei hidden, the foot of hem is kauyt.

17 The Lord makynge domes schal be knowun; the synnere is takun in the werkis of hise hondis.

18 Synneris be turned togidere in to helle; alle folkis, that foryeten God.

19 For the foryetyng of a pore man schal not be in to the ende; the pacience of pore men schal not perische in to the ende.

20 Lord, rise thou vp, a man be not coumfortid; folkis be demyd in thi siyt.

21 Lord, ordeine thou a lawe makere on hem; wite folkis, that thei ben men.

22 Lord, whi hast thou go fer awei? thou dispisist `in couenable tymes in tribulacioun.

23 While the wickid is proud, the pore man is brent; thei ben taken in the counsels, bi whiche thei thenken.

24 Forwhi the synnere is preisid in the desiris of his soule; and the wickid is blessid.

25 The synnere `wraththide the Lord; vp the multitude of his ire he schal not seke.

26 God is not in his siyt; hise weies ben defoulid in al tyme. God, thi domes ben takun awei fro his face; he schal be lord of alle hise enemyes.

27 For he seide in his herte, Y schal not be moued, fro generacioun in to generacioun without yuel.

28 `Whos mouth is ful of cursyng, and of bitternesse, and of gyle; trauel and sorewe is vndur his tunge.

29 He sittith in aspies with ryche men in priuytees; to sle the innocent man.

30 Hise iyen biholden on a pore man; he settith aspies in hid place, as a lioun in his denne. He settith aspies, for to rauysche a pore man; for to rauysche a pore man, while he drawith the pore man.

31 In his snare he schal make meke the pore man; he schal bowe hym silf, and schal falle doun, whanne he hath be lord of pore men.

32 For he seide in his herte, God hath foryete; he hath turned awei his face, that he se not in to the ende.

33 Lord God, rise thou vp, and thin hond be enhaunsid; foryete thou not pore men.

34 For what thing terride the wickid man God to wraththe? for he seide in his herte, God schal not seke.

35 Thou seest, for thou biholdist trauel and sorewe; that thou take hem in to thin hondis. The pore man is left to thee; thou schalt be an helpere to the fadirles and modirles.

36 Al to-breke thou the arme of the synnere, and yuel willid; his synne schal be souyt, and it schal not be foundun.

37 The Lord schal regne with outen ende, and in to the world of world; folkis, ye schulen perische fro the lond of hym.

38 The Lord hath herd the desir of pore men; thin eere hath herd the makyng redi of her herte.

39 To deme for the modirles `and meke; that a man `leie to no more to `magnyfie hym silf on erthe.

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