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Salmos 90

1 `The nyntithe salm. He that dwellith in the help of the hiyeste God; schal dwelle in the proteccioun of God of heuene.

2 He schal seie to the Lord, Thou art myn vptaker, and my refuit; my God, Y schal hope in him.

3 For he delyuered me fro the snare of hunteris; and fro a scharp word.

4 With hise schuldris he schal make schadowe to thee; and thou schalt haue hope vnder hise fetheris.

5 His treuthe schal cumpasse thee with a scheld; thou schalt not drede of nyytis drede.

6 Of an arowe fliynge in the dai, of a gobelyn goynge in derknessis; of asailing, and a myddai feend.

7 A thousynde schulen falle doun fro thi side, and ten thousynde fro thi riytside; forsothe it schal not neiye to thee.

8 Netheles thou schalt biholde with thin iyen; and thou schalt se the yelding of synneris.

9 For thou, Lord, art myn hope; thou hast set thin help altherhiyeste.

10 Yuel schal not come to thee; and a scourge schal not neiye to thi tabernacle.

11 For God hath comaundid to hise aungels of thee; that thei kepe thee in alle thi weies.

12 Thei schulen beere thee in the hondis; leste perauenture thou hirte thi foot at a stoon.

13 Thou schalt go on a snake, and a cocatrice; and thou schalt defoule a lioun and a dragoun.

14 For he hopide in me, Y schal delyuere hym; Y schal defende him, for he knew my name.

15 He criede to me, and Y schal here him, Y am with him in tribulacioun; Y schal delyuere him, and Y schal glorifie hym.

16 I schal fille hym with the lengthe of daies; and Y schal schewe myn helthe to him.

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