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Salmos 91

1 The `title of the oon and nyntithe salm. `The salm of `song, in the dai of sabath.

2 It is good to knouleche to the Lord; and to synge to thi name, thou hiyeste.

3 To schewe eerli thi merci; and thi treuthe bi nyyt.

4 In a sautrie of ten cordis; with song in harpe.

5 For thou, Lord, hast delitid me in thi makyng; and Y schal make ful out ioye in the werkis of thin hondis.

6 Lord, thi werkis ben magnefied greetli; thi thouytis ben maad ful depe.

7 An vnwise man schal not knowe; and a fool schal not vndirstonde these thingis.

8 Whanne synneris comen forth, as hey; and alle thei apperen, that worchen wickidnesse.

9 That thei perische in to the world of world; forsothe thou, Lord, art the hiyest, withouten ende. For lo!

10 Lord, thin enemyes, for lo! thin enemyes schulen perische; and alle schulen be scaterid that worchen wickidnesse.

11 And myn horn schal be reisid as an vnicorn; and myn eelde in plenteuouse merci.

12 And myn iye dispiside myn enemyes; and whanne wickid men rysen ayens me, myn eere schal here.

13 A iust man schal floure as a palm tree; he schal be multiplied as a cedre of Liban.

14 Men plauntid in the hous of the Lord; schulen floure in the porchis of the hous of oure God.

15 Yit thei schulen be multiplied in plenteuouse elde; and thei schulen be suffryng wel. That thei telle, that oure Lord God is riytful; and no wickidnesse is in hym.

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