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Salmos 92

1 The two and nyntithe salm. The Lord hath regned, he is clothid with fairnesse; the Lord is clothid with strengthe, and hath gird hym silf.

2 For he made stidefast the world; that schal not be moued.

3 God, thi seete was maad redi fro that tyme; thou art fro the world. Lord, the flodis han reisid; the flodis han reisid her vois. Flodis reisiden her wawis; of the voicis of many watris.

4 The reisyngis of the see ben wondurful; the Lord is wondurful in hiye thingis.

5 Thi witnessingis ben maad able to be bileued greetli; Lord, holynesse bicometh thin hous, in to the lengthe of daies.

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