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Salmos 93

1 The thre and nyntithe salm. God is Lord of veniauncis; God of veniauncis dide freli.

2 Be thou enhaunsid that demest the erthe; yelde thou yeldinge to proude men.

3 Lord, hou longe synneris; hou longe schulen synneris haue glorie?

4 Thei schulen telle out, and schulen speke wickidnesse; alle men schulen speke that worchen vnriytfulnesse.

5 Lord, thei han maad lowe thi puple; and thei han disesid thin eritage.

6 Thei killiden a widowe and a comelyng; and thei han slayn fadirles children and modirles.

7 And thei seiden, The Lord schal not se; and God of Jacob schal not vndurstonde.

8 Ye vnwise men in the puple, vndirstonde; and, ye foolis, lerne sum tyme.

9 Schal not he here, that plauntide the eere; ethere biholdith not he, that made the iye?

10 Schal not he repreue, that chastisith folkis; which techith man kunnyng?

11 The Lord knowith the thouytis of men; that tho ben veyne.

12 Blessid is the man, whom thou, Lord, hast lerned; and hast tauyt him of thi lawe.

13 That thou aswage hym fro yuele daies; til a diche be diggid to the synner.

14 For the Lord schal not putte awei his puple; and he schal not forsake his eritage.

15 Til riytfulnesse be turned in to dom; and who ben niy it, alle that ben of riytful herte.

16 Who schal rise with me ayens mysdoeris; ether who schal stonde with me ayens hem that worchen wickidnesse?

17 No but for the Lord helpide me; almest my soule hadde dwellid in helle.

18 If Y seide, My foot was stirid; Lord, thi merci helpide me.

19 Aftir the multitude of my sorewis in myn herte; thi coumfortis maden glad my soule.

20 Whether the seete of wickidnesse cleueth to thee; that makist trauel in comaundement?

21 Thei schulen take ayens the soule of a iust man; and thei schulen condempne innocent blood.

22 And the Lord was maad to me in to refuyt; and my God was maad in to the help of myn hope.

23 And he schal yelde to hem the wickidnesse of hem; and in the malice of hem he schal lese hem, oure Lord God schal lese hem.

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