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Salmos 95

1 The fyue and nyntithe salm hath no title. Singe ye a newe song to the Lord; al erthe, synge ye to the Lord.

2 Synge ye to the Lord, and blesse ye his name; telle ye his heelthe fro dai in to dai.

3 Telle ye his glorie among hethene men; hise merueilis among alle puplis.

4 For the Lord is greet, and worthi to be preisid ful myche; he is ferdful aboue alle goddis.

5 For alle the goddis of hethene men ben feendis; but the Lord made heuenes.

6 Knouleching and fairnesse is in his siyt; hoolynesse and worthi doyng is in his halewing.

7 Ye cuntrees of hethene men, brynge to the Lord, bringe ye glorye and onour to the Lord;

8 bringe ye to the Lord glorie to hys name. Take ye sacrificis, and entre ye in to the hallis of hym;

9 herie ye the Lord in his hooli halle. Al erthe be moued of his face;

10 seie ye among hethene men, that the Lord hath regned. And he hath amendid the world, that schal not be moued; he schal deme puplis in equite.

11 Heuenes be glad, and the erthe make ful out ioye, the see and the fulnesse therof be moued togidere; feeldis schulen make ioye,

12 and alle thingis that ben in tho. Thanne alle the trees of wodis schulen make ful out ioye, for the face of the Lord, for he cometh;

13 for he cometh to deme the erthe. He schal deme the world in equite; and puplis in his treuthe.

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