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Salmos 96

1 The sixe and nyntithe salm. The Lord hath regned, the erthe make ful out ioye; many ilis be glad.

2 Cloude and derknesse in his cumpas; riytfulnesse and doom is amending of his seete.

3 Fier schal go bifore him; and schal enflawme hise enemyes in cumpas.

4 Hise leitis schyneden to the world; the erthe siy, and was moued.

5 Hillis as wax fletiden doun fro the face of the Lord; al erthe fro the face of the Lord.

6 Heuenes telden his riytfulnesse; and alle puplis sien his glorie.

7 Alle that worschipen sculptilis be schent, and thei that han glorie in her symelacris; alle ye aungels of the Lord, worschipe him.

8 Sion herde, and was glad, and the douytris of Juda maden ful out ioye; for `thi domes, Lord.

9 For thou, Lord, art the hiyeste on al erthe; thou art greetli enhaunsid ouere alle goddis.

10 Ye that louen the Lord, hate yuel; the Lord kepith the soulis of hise seyntis; he schal delyuer hem fro the hond of the synner.

11 Liyt is risun to the riytful man; and gladnesse to riytful men of herte.

12 Juste men, be ye glad in the Lord; and knouleche ye to the mynde of his halewyng.

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