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Salmos 98

1 The eiyte and nyntithe salm. The Lord hath regned, puplis ben wrooth; thou that sittist on cherubyn, the erthe be moued.

2 The Lord is greet in Sion; and hiy aboue alle puplis.

3 Knouleche thei to thi greet name, for it is ferdful and hooli;

4 and the onour of the king loueth doom. Thou hast maad redi dressyngis; thou hast maad doom and riytfulnesse in Jacob.

5 Enhaunse ye oure Lord God; and worschipe ye the stool of hise feet, for it is hooli.

6 Moises and Aaron weren among hise preestis; and Samuel was among hem that inwardli clepen his name. Thei inwardli clepiden the Lord, and he herde hem;

7 in a piler of cloude he spak to hem. Thei kepten hise witnessyngis; and the comaundement which he yaf to hem.

8 Oure Lord God, thou herdist hem; God, thou were merciful to hem, and thou tokist veniaunce on al her fyndyngis.

9 Enhaunse ye oure Lord God, and worschipe ye in his hooli hil; for oure Lord God is hooli.

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