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Salmos 99

1 The titil of the nyne and nyntithe salm. `A salm to knouleche; `in Ebrew `thus, A salm for knouleching.

2 Al erthe, singe ye hertli to God; serue ye the Lord in gladnesse. Entre ye in his siyt; in ful out ioiyng.

3 Wite ye, that the Lord hym silf is God; he made vs, and not we maden vs. His puple, and the scheep of his lesewe,

4 entre ye in to hise yatis in knoulechyng; entre ye in to hise porchis, `knouleche ye to him in ympnes.

5 Herye ye his name, for the Lord is swete, his merci is with outen ende; and his treuthe is in generacioun and in to generacioun.

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