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Isaías 15

1 The birthun of Moab. For Ar was destried in niyt, Moab was stille; for the wal was distried in the niyt, Moab was stille.

2 The kingis hous, and Dybon stieden to hiy places, in to weilyng; on Nabo, and on Medaba Moab schal yelle. In alle hedis therof schal be ballidnesse, and ech beerd schal be schauun.

3 In the meetyng of thre weies therof thei ben gird in a sak, alle yellyng on the housis therof and in the stretis therof; it schal go doun in to wepyng.

4 Esebon schal crie, and Eleale, the vois of hem is herd `til to Jasa; on this thing the redi men of Moab schulen yelle, the soule therof schal yelle to it silf.

5 Myn herte schal crie to Moab, the barris therof `til to Segor, a cow calf of thre yeer. For whi a wepere schal stie bi the stiyng of Luith, and in the weie of Oronaym thei schulen reise cry of sorewe.

6 For whi the watris of Nemrym schulen be forsakun; for the eerbe dried up, buriownyng failide, al grenenesse perischide.

7 Bi the greetnesse of werk, and the visityng of hem, to the stronde of salewis thei schulen lede hem.

8 For whi cry cumpasside the ende of Moab; `til to Galym the yellyng therof, and the cry therof `til to the pit of Helym.

9 For the watris of Dibon ben fillid with blood; for Y schal sette encreessyngis on Dibon, to tho men of Moab that fledden fro the lioun, and to the relifs of the lond.

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