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Isaías 35

1 The forsakun Judee and with outen weie schal be glad, and wildirnesse schal make ful out ioye, and schal floure as a lilie.

2 It buriownynge schal buriowne, and it glad and preisynge schal make ful out ioie. The glorie of Liban is youun to it, the fairnesse of Carmele and of Saron; thei schulen se the glorie of the Lord, and the fairnesse of oure God.

3 Coumforte ye comelid hondis, and make ye strong feble knees.

4 Seie ye, Men of litil coumfort, be ye coumfortid, and nyle ye drede; lo! oure God schal brynge the veniaunce of yeldyng, God hym silf schal come, and schal saue vs.

5 Thanne the iyen of blynde men schulen be openyd, and the eeris of deef men schulen be opyn.

6 Thanne a crokid man schal skippe as an hert, and the tunge of doumbe men schal be openyd; for whi watris ben brokun out in desert, and stremes in wildirnesse.

7 And that that was drie, is maad in to a poond, and the thirsti is maad in to wellis of watris. Grenenesse of rehed, and of spier schal growe in dennes, in whiche dwelliden dragouns bifore. And a path and a weie schal be there,

8 and it schal be clepid an hooli weie, he that is defoulid schal not passe therbi; and this schal be a streiyt weie to you, so that foolis erre not therbi.

9 A lioun schal not be there, and an yuel beeste schal not stie therbi, nether schal be foundun there.

10 And thei schulen go, that ben delyuered and ayenbouyt of the Lord; and thei schulen be conuertid, and schulen come in to Sion with preisyng; and euerlastynge gladnesse schal be on the heed of hem; thei schulen haue ioie and gladnesse, and sorewe and weilyng schulen fle awei.

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