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Jó 18

1 Forsothe Baldach Suythes answeride, and seide,

2 `Til to what ende schalt thou booste with wordis? Vndurstonde thou first, and so speke we.

3 Whi ben we arettid as beestis, and han we be foule bifor thee?

4 What leesist thou thi soule in thi woodnes? Whether the erthe schal be forsakun `for thee, and hard stoonys schulen be borun ouer fro her place?

5 Whethir the liyt of a wickid man schal not be quenchid; and the flawme of his fier schal not schyne?

6 Liyt schal wexe derke in his tabernacle; and the lanterne, which is on hym, schal be quenchid.

7 The steppis of his vertu schulen be maad streit; and his counsel schal caste hym doun.

8 For he hath sent hise feet in to a net; and he goith in the meschis therof.

9 His foot schal be holdun with a snare; and thirst schal brenne out ayens hym.

10 The foot trappe of hym is hid in the erthe, and his snare on the path.

11 Dredis schulen make hym aferd on ech side, and schulen biwlappe hise feet.

12 His strengthe be maad feble bi hungur; and pouert asaile hise ribbis.

13 Deuoure it the fairnesse of his skyn; the firste gendrid deth waste hise armes.

14 His trist be takun awei fro his tabernacle; and perischyng, as a kyng, aboue trede on hym.

15 The felowis of hym that is not, dwelle in his tabernacle; brymston be spreynt in his tabernacle.

16 The rootis of hym be maad drie bynethe; sotheli his ripe corn be al to-brokun aboue.

17 His mynde perische fro the erthe; and his name be not maad solempne in stretis.

18 He schal put hym out fro `liyt in to derknessis; and he schal bere hym ouer fro the world.

19 Nethir his seed nether kynrede schal be in his puple, nether ony relifs in hise cuntreis.

20 The laste men schulen wondre in hise daies; and hidousnesse schal asaile the firste men.

21 Therfor these ben the tabernaclis of a wickid man; and this is the place of hym, that knowith not God.

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