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Jó 42

1 Forsothe Joob answeride to the Lord, and seide,

2 Y woot, that thou maist alle thingis, and no thouyt is hid fro thee [Note: Joob wiste wel, that in remembringe his riytfulnesse he suffride sum stiring of veynglorie, which is wont to come liytly in siche thingis, yhe, in men that ben perfit. in preisinge my riytfulnesse. in enqueringe ouer myche the resouns of Goddis domes. ].

3 Who is this, that helith counsel with out kunnyng? Therfor Y spak vnwiseli, and tho thingis that passiden ouer mesure my kunnyng.

4 Here thou, and Y schal speke; Y schal axe thee, and answere thou to me.

5 Bi heryng of eere Y herde thee, but now myn iye seeth thee.

6 Therfor Y repreue me, and do penaunce in deed sparcle and aische.

7 Forsothe aftir that the Lord spak these wordis to Joob, he seide to Eliphat Themanytes, My stronge veniaunce is wrooth ayens thee, and ayens thi twey frendis [Note: God seith not ayenus Helyu, ether ayenus Joob; for whi to do synne bi presumpcioun, ether bi vnwar speking, as Helyu and Joob diden, is not so greuouse synne as to do synne bi afermyng of falsnesse, which bifelde to these thre men. for he synnede liytly, and dide penaunce therfor perfitly. ]; for ye `spaken not bifor me riytful thing, as my seruaunt Joob dide.

8 Therfor take ye to you seuene bolis, and seuene rammes; and go ye to my seruaunt Joob, and offre ye brent sacrifice for you. Forsothe Joob, my seruaunt, schal preie for you; Y schal resseyue his face, that foli be not arettid to you [Note: to euerlastinge peyne. ]; for ye `spaken not bifor me riytful thing, as my seruaunt Joob dide.

9 Therfor Eliphat Themanytes, and Baldach Suythes, and Sophar Naamathites, yeden, and diden, as the Lord hedde spoke to hem; and the Lord resseyuede the face of Joob.

10 Also the Lord was conuertid to the penaunce of Joob, whanne he preiede for hise frendis. And the Lord addide alle thingis double, whiche euere weren of Joob.

11 Sotheli alle hise britheren, and alle hise sistris, and alle that knewen hym bifore, camen to hym; and thei eeten breed with hym in his hows, and moueden the heed on hym; and thei coumfortiden hym of al the yuel, which the Lord hadde brouyt in on hym; and thei yauen to hym ech man o scheep, and o goldun eere ring.

12 Forsothe the Lord blesside the laste thingis of Joob, more than the bigynnyng of hym; and fouretene thousynde of scheep weren maad to hym, and sixe thousinde of camels, and a thousynde yockis of oxis, and a thousynde femal assis.

13 And he hadde seuene sones [Note: the formere sones and douytris weren in the weye of saluacioun, and so not deed outirly. ], and thre douytris; and he clepide the name of o douytir Dai, and the name of the secounde douytir Cassia, and the name of the thridde douytir `An horn of wymmens oynement.

14 `Sotheli no wymmen weren foundun so faire in al erthe, as the douytris of Joob; and her fadir yaf eritage to hem among her britheren.

15 Forsothe Joob lyuede aftir these betyngis an hundrid and fourti yeer, and `siy hise sones, and the sones of hise sones, `til to the fourthe generacioun; and he was deed eld, and ful of daies.

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