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Jó 6

1 Forsothe Joob answeride, and seide,

2 Y wolde, that my synnes, bi whiche Y `desseruede ire, and the wretchidnesse which Y suffre, weren peisid in a balaunce.

3 As the grauel of the see, this wretchidnesse schulde appere greuousere; wherfor and my wordis ben ful of sorewe.

4 For the arowis of the Lord ben in me, the indignacioun of whiche drynkith vp my spirit; and the dredis of the Lord fiyten ayens me.

5 Whether a feeld asse schal rore, whanne he hath gras? Ethir whether an oxe schal lowe, whanne he stondith byfor a `ful cratche?

6 Ether whethir a thing vnsauery may be etun, which is not maad sauery bi salt? Ether whether ony man may taaste a thing, which tastid bryngith deeth? For whi to an hungri soule, yhe, bittir thingis semen to be swete; tho thingis whiche my soule nolde touche bifore, ben now my meetis for angwisch.

8 Who yyueth, that myn axyng come; and that God yyue to me that, that Y abide?

9 And he that bigan, al to-breke me; releesse he his hond, and kitte me doun?

10 And `this be coumfort to me, that he turmente me with sorewe, and spare not, and that Y ayenseie not the wordis of the hooli.

11 For whi, what is my strengthe, that Y suffre? ethir which is myn ende, that Y do pacientli?

12 Nethir my strengthe is the strengthe of stoonus, nether my fleisch is of bras.

13 Lo! noon help is to me in me; also my meyneal frendis `yeden awey fro me.

14 He that takith awei merci fro his frend, forsakith the drede of the Lord.

15 My britheren passiden me, as a stronde doith, that passith ruschyngli in grete valeis.

16 Snow schal come on hem, that dreden frost.

17 In the tyme wherynne thei ben scaterid, thei schulen perische; and as thei ben hoote, thei schulen be vnknyt fro her place.

18 The pathis of her steppis ben wlappid; thei schulen go in veyn, and schulen perische.

19 Biholde ye the pathis of Theman, and the weies of Saba; and abide ye a litil.

20 Thei ben schent, for Y hopide; and thei camen `til to me, and thei ben hilid with schame.

21 Now ye ben comun, and now ye seen my wounde, and dreden.

22 Whether Y seide, Brynge ye to me, and yiue ye of youre catel to me? ethir,

23 Delyuere ye me fro the hond of enemy, and rauysche ye me fro the hond of stronge men?

24 Teche ye me, and Y schal be stille; and if in hap Y vnknew ony thing, teche ye me.

25 Whi han ye depraued the wordis of trewthe? sithen noon is of you, that may repreue me.

26 Ye maken redi spechis oneli for to blame, and ye bryngen forth wordis in to wynde.

27 Ye fallen in on a fadirles child, and enforsen to peruerte youre frend.

28 Netheles fille ye that, that ye han bigunne; yyue ye the eere, and se ye, whether Y lie.

29 Y biseche, answere ye with out strijf, and speke ye, and deme ye that, that is iust.

30 And ye schulen not fynde wickidnesse in my tunge, nethir foli schal sowne in my chekis.

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