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Salmos 100

1 The titil of the hundrid salm. `The salm of Dauid. Lord, Y schal synge to thee; merci and doom.

2 I schal synge, and Y schal vndurstonde in a weie with out wem; whanne thou schalt come to me. I yede perfitli in the innocence of myn herte; in the myddil of myn hous.

3 I settide not forth bifore myn iyen an vniust thing; Y hatide hem that maden trespassyngis.

4 A schrewide herte cleuede not to me; Y knewe not a wickid man bowynge awei fro me.

5 I pursuede hym; that bacbitide priueli his neiybore. With the proude iye and an herte vnable to be fillid; Y eet not with this.

6 Myn iyen weren to the feithful men of erthe, that thei sitte with me; he that yede in a weie with out wem, mynystride to me.

7 He that doith pride, schal not dwelle in the myddil of myn hous; he that spekith wickid thingis, seruede not in the siyt of myn iyen.

8 In the morutid Y killide alle the synners of erthe; that Y schulde leese fro the citee of the Lord alle men worchynge wickidnesse.

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