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Salmos 137

1 The `title of the hundrid and seuene and thrittithe salm. `To Dauith him silf. Lord, Y schal knouleche to thee in al myn herte; for thou herdist the wordis of my mouth. Mi God, Y schal singe to thee in the siyt of aungels;

2 Y schal worschipe to thin hooli temple, and Y schal knouleche to thi name. On thi merci and thi treuthe; for thou hast magnefied thin hooli name aboue al thing.

3 In what euere dai Y schal inwardli clepe thee, here thou me; thou schalt multipli vertu in my soule.

4 Lord, alle the kingis of erthe knouleche to thee; for thei herden alle the wordis of thi mouth.

5 And singe thei in the weies of the Lord; for the glorie of the Lord is greet.

6 For the Lord is hiy, and biholdith meke thingis; and knowith afer hiy thingis.

7 If Y schal go in the myddil of tribulacioun, thou schalt quikene me; and thou stretchidist forth thin hond on the ire of myn enemyes, and thi riyt hond made me saaf.

8 The Lord schal yelde for me, Lord, thi merci is with outen ende; dispise thou not the werkis of thin hondis.

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