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Salmos 138

1 The `title of the hundrid and eiyte and thrittithe salm. `To victorie, the salm of Dauith. Lord, thou hast preued me, and hast knowe me;

2 thou hast knowe my sitting, and my rising ayen.

3 Thou hast vndirstonde my thouytis fro fer; thou hast enquerid my path and my corde.

4 And thou hast bifor seien alle my weies; for no word is in my tunge.

5 Lo! Lord, thou hast knowe alle thingis, the laste thingis and elde; thou hast formed me, and hast set thin hond on me.

6 Thi kunnyng is maad wondirful of me; it is coumfortid, and Y schal not mowe to it.

7 Whidir schal Y go fro thi spirit; and whider schal Y fle fro thi face?

8 If Y schal stie in to heuene, thou art there; if Y schal go doun to helle, thou art present.

9 If Y schal take my fetheris ful eerli; and schal dwelle in the last partis of the see.

10 And sotheli thider thin hond schal leede me forth; and thi riyt hond schal holde me.

11 And Y seide, In hap derknessis schulen defoule me; and the nyyt is my liytnyng in my delicis.

12 For whi derknessis schulen not be maad derk fro thee, aud the niyt schal be liytned as the dai; as the derknessis therof, so and the liyt therof.

13 For thou haddist in possessioun my reines; thou tokist me vp fro the wombe of my modir.

14 I schal knouleche to thee, for thou art magnefied dreedfuli; thi werkis ben wondirful, and my soule schal knouleche ful miche.

15 Mi boon, which thou madist in priuete, is not hyd fro thee; and my substaunce in the lower partis of erthe.

16 Thin iyen sien myn vnperfit thing, and alle men schulen be writun in thi book; daies schulen be formed, and no man is in tho.

17 Forsothe, God, thi frendis ben maad onourable ful myche to me; the princeheed of hem is coumfortid ful myche.

18 I schal noumbre hem, and thei schulen be multiplied aboue grauel; Y roos vp, and yit Y am with thee.

19 For thou, God, schalt slee synneris; ye menquelleris, bowe awei fro me.

20 For ye seien in thouyt; Take thei her citees in vanite.

21 Lord, whether Y hatide not hem that hatiden thee; and Y failide on thin enemyes?

22 Bi perfite haterede Y hatide hem; thei weren maad enemyes to me.

23 God, preue thou me, and knowe thou myn herte; axe thou me, and knowe thou my pathis.

24 And se thou, if weie of wickidnesse is in me; and lede thou me forth in euerlastinge wei.

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