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Salmos 143

1 The title of the hundrid and thre and fourtithe salm. `A salm. Blessid be my Lord God, that techith myn hondis to werre; and my fyngris to batel.

2 Mi merci, and my refuyt; my takere vp, and my delyuerer. Mi defender, and Y hopide in him; and thou makist suget my puple vnder me.

3 Lord, what is a man, for thou hast maad knowun to him; ether the sone of man, for thou arettist him of sum valu?

4 A man is maad lijk vanyte; hise daies passen as schadow.

5 Lord, bowe doun thin heuenes, and come thou doun; touche thou hillis, and thei schulen make smoke.

6 Leite thou schynyng, and thou schalt scatere hem; sende thou out thin arowis, and thou schalt disturble hem.

7 Sende out thin hond fro an hiy, rauysche thou me out, and delyuere thou me fro many watris; and fro the hond of alien sones.

8 The mouth of which spak vanite; and the riythond of hem is the riyt hond of wickidnesse.

9 God, Y schal synge to thee a new song; I schal seie salm to thee in a sautre of ten stringis.

10 Which yyuest heelthe to kingis; which ayen bouytist Dauid, thi seruaunt, fro the wickid swerd rauische thou out me.

11 And delyuere thou me fro `the hond of alien sones; the mouth of whiche spak vanyte, and the riythond of hem is the riyt hond of wickidnesse.

12 Whose sones ben; as new plauntingis in her yongthe. The douytris of hem ben arayed; ourned about as the licnesse of the temple.

13 The selers of hem ben fulle; bringinge out fro this vessel in to that. The scheep of hem ben with lambre, plenteuouse in her goingis out;

14 her kien ben fatte. `No falling of wal is, nether passing ouere; nether cry is in the stretis of hem.

15 Thei seiden, `The puple is blessid, that hath these thingis; blessid is the puple, whos Lord is the God of it.

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