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Salmos 30

1 The title of the thrittithe salm. To victorie, the salm of Dauid.

2 Lord, Y hopide in thee, be Y not schent with outen ende; delyuere thou me in thi riytfulnesse.

3 Bouwe doun thin eere to me; haaste thou to delyuere me. Be thou to me in to God defendere, and in to an hows of refuyt; that thou make me saaf.

4 For thou art my strengthe and my refuyt; and for thi name thou schalt lede me forth, and schalt nurische me.

5 Thou schalt lede me out of the snare, which thei hidden to me; for thou art my defendere.

6 I bitake my spirit in to thin hondis; Lord God of treuthe, thou hast ayen bouyt me.

7 Thou hatist hem that kepen vanytees superfluli.

8 Forsothe Y hopide in the Lord; Y schal haue fulli ioie, and schal be glad in thi merci. For thou byheldist my mekenesse; thou sauedist my lijf fro nedis.

9 And thou closidist not me togidere withynne the hondis of the enemy; thou hast sett my feet in a large place.

10 Lord, haue thou merci on me, for Y am troblid; myn iye is troblid in ire, my soule and my wombe `ben troblid.

11 For whi my lijf failide in sorewe; and my yeeris in weilynges. Mi vertu is maad feble in pouert; and my boonys ben disturblid.

12 Ouer alle myn enemyes Y am maad schenship greetli to my neiyboris; and drede to my knowun. Thei that sien me with outforth, fledden fro me; Y am youun to foryetyng,

13 as a deed man fro herte. I am maad as a lorun vessel;

14 for Y herde dispisyng of many men dwellynge in cumpas. In that thing the while thei camen togidere ayens me; thei counceliden to take my lijf.

15 But, Lord, Y hopide in thee; Y seide, Thou art my God; my tymes ben in thin hondis.

16 Delyuer thou me fro the hondis of mynen enemyes; and fro hem that pursuen me.

17 Make thou cleer thi face on thi seruaunt; Lord, make thou me saaf in thi merci;

18 be Y not schent, for Y inwardli clepide thee. Unpitouse men be aschamed, and be led forth in to helle;

19 gileful lippys be maad doumbe. That speken wickidnesse ayens a iust man; in pride, and in mysusyng.

20 Lord, the multitude of thi swetnesse is ful greet; which thou hast hid to men dredynge thee. Thou hast maad a perfit thing to hem, that hopen in thee; in the siyt of the sones of men.

21 Thou schalt hide hem in the priuyte of thi face; fro disturblyng of men. Thou schalt defende hem in thi tabernacle; fro ayenseiyng of tungis.

22 Blessid be the Lord; for he hath maad wondurful his merci to me in a strengthid citee.

23 Forsothe Y seide in the passyng of my soule; Y am cast out fro the face of thin iyen. Therfor thou herdist the vois of my preier; while Y criede to thee.

24 Alle ye hooli men of the Lord, loue hym; for the Lord schal seke treuthe, and he schal yelde plenteuousli to hem that doen pride.

25 Alle ye that hopen in the Lord, do manli; and youre herte be coumfortid.

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