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Salmos 46

1 The title of the sixte and fourtithe salm. To victorie, a salm to the sones of Chore.

2 Alle ye folkis, make ioie with hondis; synge ye hertli to God in the vois of ful out ioiyng.

3 For the Lord is hiy and ferdful; a greet kyng on al erthe.

4 He made puplis suget to vs; and hethene men vndur oure feet.

5 He chees his eritage to vs; the fairnesse of Jacob, whom he louyde.

6 God stiede in hertli song; and the Lord in the vois of a trumpe.

7 Synge ye to oure God, synge ye; synge ye to oure kyng, synge ye.

8 For God is kyng of al erthe; synge ye wiseli.

9 God schal regne on hethene men; God sittith on his hooli seete.

10 The princes of puplis ben gaderid togidere with God of Abraham; for the stronge goddis of erthe ben reisid greetli.

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