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Salmos 50

1 The title of the fiftithe salm. To victorie, the salm of Dauid;

2 `whanne Nathan the prophete cam to hym, whanne he entride to Bersabee.

3 God, haue thou merci on me; bi thi greet merci. And bi the mychilnesse of thi merciful doyngis; do thou awei my wickidnesse.

4 More waische thou me fro my wickidnesse; and clense thou me fro my synne.

5 For Y knouleche my wickidnesse; and my synne is euere ayens me.

6 I haue synned to thee aloone, and Y haue do yuel bifor thee; that thou be iustified in thi wordis, and ouercome whanne thou art demed. For lo!

7 Y was conseyued in wickednessis; and my modir conceyuede me in synnes.

8 For lo! thou louedist treuthe; thou hast schewid to me the vncerteyn thingis, and pryuy thingis of thi wisdom.

9 Lord, sprenge thou me with ysope, and Y schal be clensid; waische thou me, and Y schal be maad whijt more than snow.

10 Yyue thou ioie, and gladnesse to myn heryng; and boonys maad meke schulen ful out make ioye.

11 Turne awei thi face fro my synnes; and do awei alle my wickidnesses.

12 God, make thou a clene herte in me; and make thou newe a riytful spirit in my entrailis.

13 Caste thou me not awei fro thi face; and take thou not awei fro me thin hooli spirit.

14 Yiue thou to me the gladnesse of thyn helthe; and conferme thou me with the principal spirit.

15 I schal teche wickid men thi weies; and vnfeithful men schulen be conuertid to thee.

16 God, the God of myn helthe, delyuere thou me fro bloodis; and my tunge schal ioyfuli synge thi riytfulnesse.

17 Lord, `opene thou my lippis; and my mouth schal telle thi preysyng.

18 For if thou haddist wold sacrifice, Y hadde youe; treuli thou schalt not delite in brent sacrifices.

19 A sacrifice to God is a spirit troblid; God, thou schalt not dispise a contrit herte and `maad meke.

20 Lord, do thou benygneli in thi good wille to Syon; that the wallis of Jerusalem be bildid.

21 Thanne thou schalt take plesauntli the sacrifice of riytfulnesse, offryngis, and brent sacrifices; thanne thei schulen putte calues on thin auter.

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