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Salmos 60

1 The titil of the sixtithe salm. To the victorie on orgun, to Dauid hym silf.

2 God, here thou my biseching; yyue thou tent to my preyer.

3 Fro the endis of the lond Y criede to thee; the while myn herte was angwischid, thou enhaunsidist me in a stoon.

4 Thou laddest me forth, for thou art maad myn hope; a tour of strengthe fro the face of the enemye.

5 I schal dwelle in thi tabernacle in to worldis; Y schal be keuered in the hilyng of thi wengis.

6 For thou, my God, hast herd my preier; thou hast youe eritage to hem that dreden thi name.

7 Thou schalt adde daies on the daies of the king; hise yeeris til in to the dai of generacioun and of generacioun.

8 He dwellith with outen ende in the siyt of God; who schal seke the merci and treuthe of hym?

9 So Y schal seie salm to thi name in to the world of world; that Y yelde my vowis fro dai in to dai.

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