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Salmos 61

1 The titil of the oon and sixtithe salm. To the victorie on Iditum, the salm of Dauid.

2 Whether my soule schal not be suget to God; for myn heelthe is of hym.

3 For whi he is bothe my God, and myn heelthe; my `taker vp, Y schal no more be moued.

4 Hou longe fallen ye on a man? alle ye sleen; as to a wal bowid, and a wal of stoon with out morter cast doun.

5 Netheles thei thouyten to putte awei my prijs, Y ran in thirst; with her mouth thei blessiden, and in her herte thei cursiden.

6 Netheles, my soule, be thou suget to God; for my pacience is of hym.

7 For he is my God, and my saueour; myn helpere, Y schal not passe out.

8 Myn helthe, and my glorie is in God; God is the yyuer of myn help, and myn hope is in God.

9 Al the gaderyng togidere of the puple, hope ye in God, schede ye out youre hertis bifore hym; God is oure helpere with outen ende.

10 Netheles the sones of men ben veyne; the sones of men ben liers in balauncis, that thei disseyue of vanytee in to the same thing.

11 Nile ye haue hope in wickidnesse, and nyle ye coueyte raueyns; if ritchessis be plenteuouse, nyle ye sette the herte therto.

12 God spak onys, Y herde these twei thingis, that power is of God, and, thou Lord, mercy is to thee;

13 for thou schalt yelde to ech man bi hise werkis.

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